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Sports Bra or Tee? What Makes the Best Yoga Top?

Yoga Top

When you’re headed to your favorite yoga class, we know that you probably have all your favorite gear: a trusty mat, sweatbands or a headband, and your water bottle. However, you may sometimes end up stumped regarding what yoga top is best suited for which class. Should you wear a sleek tank top or trendy sports bra to Bikram class? A racerback tank or moisture wicking tee for Vinyasa yoga?

The good news is that these decisions don’t have to be hard. We’ve broken down what yoga top to wear when!

What Top to Wear to...Bikram yoga

Also known as hot yoga, Bikram is a specialized practice that has a wide range of benefits. You’ll love how you leave class feeling renewed and fully cleansed! To get the most out of your Bikram experience, we recommend abiding by a “less is more” rule of thumb when it comes to your clothing. Because it gets hot-hot-HOT in these classes (think 100 degrees or hotter!), you won’t want to be bogged down or uncomfortable in a clingy t-shirt.

Instead, we recommend wearing a sports bra or bralette to keep your cool amidst the steaminess. This lightweight elastic bra by Onzie is a great choice, or we also love this flexible and breathable cross-strap bra from Manduka.

What Top to Wear to...Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a slower-going form of the practice, really centering around meditation and the fundamentals of yoga. This classic form of the sport encourages a strong mind-body connection. Hatha yoga provides the perfect chance to get in touch with your spiritual side as you’re simultaneously working on your fitness and physique!

Looser fitting tees and tank tops are appropriate for these classes and sessions. This will allow you to move about with ease and comfort, nailing every pose like a pro! For something comfortable and stylish, the Jala Slash Tank is the perfect choice! For a t-shirt that provides a bit more coverage, the Lukka Lux Zuse Tee is comfortable and it makes a fashion statement! Finally, the Glyder Allure Tank is drapey and comfortable, including a built-in bra so that you feel supported no matter what pose you strike.

Yoga Top

What Top to Wear to...Ashtanga Yoga

This is a form of the practice that involves a quicker-pace and more athletic movements and poses. Many of the moves associated with this type of yoga involves deep twists or in-depth stretches, moving your body from one direction to the next quicker than you can say, “downward facing dog”.

To accommodate these swift movements and changes in direction, it’s best to wear a form fitting tank top that will move with you, no matter how rapidly your body twists, turns, and bends. A tank top will provide enough coverage to keep you comfortable, while keeping you cool enough to stay on top of your game during class!

We can’t get enough of Nux’s Spellbound Cami for Ashtanga yoga. Its high neckline offers full coverage in an active class and the ruched sides make for a stylish look. Soybu’s Binary Tank is moisture wicking, flexible, and completely breathable. You’ll be comfortable from the moment you hit the mat until you’re ready to hit the showers!

Each yoga class is unique in its own way, and it’s important that you feel comfortable every time you hit the studio to ensure that you perform your best and are able to reap all of the benefits intended by the practice. If you’re struggling for what look to try, try out YogaClub! All of these brands are partners with us which allows us to get their styles into your hands for less. Let one of our personal stylists curate your box just for you!

Dressing for success is a great way to keep your drishti focused  during class, and it’s easy to be comfortable and stylish with so many great pieces to choose from. Find your signature style, switching it up to match the needs of each yoga style, and you’ll love the results just as much as you love adding to your workout wardrobe!